Listening Backwards: ‘Between Seasons’ by Buddha On The Moon

‘Between Seasons’ is my third album as Buddha On The Moon, recorded over a lengthy period of “adulting” and released in 2010 on the Sonic Oyster Records label of Glasgow, Scotland. Its tracks navigate between the textural boundaries of gentle dreampop and ambient snowdrifts. The “song” tracks shy away from obvious rhythmic guide rails and move along at a sway, while the alternating soundscapes serve less as sonic interludes and more like stretches of highway hypnosis between cities and small towns.

It is the third album from Buddha on the Moon, a Texas-based sonic escapist exploring and obfuscating the gray boundaries of song, drone, and soundscape.

BotM’s previous album, ‘The Last Autumn Day,’ came out in 1998, and the near-dozen intervening years should have been sufficient for at least a half-dozen more albums; but not existing as a proper band, with no time tables for rehearsals, shows or tours has a way of stretching time and so conventional norms of schedule or agenda become obsolete.

As such, ‘Between Seasons’ came about at its own pace, on its own time and space, recorded, sampled, processed and tweaked, mixed and remixed, forgotten and rediscovered over a period of four years using a wide array of digital and analog media, mountain dulcimer, kantele, guitars and basses acoustic and electric, various synthesizers, and a collection of ‘modestly-priced microphones’.

— Sonic Oyster Records

Originally released as a limited edition cd-r of 50 copies on the Sonic Oyster Records label of Glasgow, Scotland.

Sounds & Words: Buddha on the Moon
Additional Voices: Nancy Novotny

Thank you Andrew, Ian, Keith

For Nan