Note To Self Travel

Kånken You Believe It?

I learned the hard way that the foam pad included with the Fjällräven Kånken backpack is not packing material, but is a combination seat pad and “shape-holder.” After having tossed a couple of those pads and learning that the local Fjällräven shop (a) gets a lot of inquiries from folks like myself who chuck those pads and (b) does not stock replacement pads, I ordered this foam sheet roll and crafted replacements for our Kånken backpacks.

The foam sheet is a bit thicker than the OEM pads, so a bit of creative trimming is required, but it’s a small price to pay for a lesson learned!

Projects TILT

The Word “Architect” Used As a Verb

A couple of months ago I took and passed the Amazon Web Services Certified Solutions Architect Associate (AWS CSAA for those not in the mood to be verbose) exam.

Music Travel

Visions of L.A.

We recently went on a quick weekend trip down to Los Angeles to see our friends’ bands play a rare live gig and to soak up a bit of the sun and the haze.