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Turtles Have Short Legs

Peter Baumann
Peter Baumann’s fantastic Romance ’76 from… you got it, 1976!

For our most recent radio show on Freeform Portland (KFFP-LP 90.3 FM in north Portland, Oregon), DJ Gilliflower and I (Eeronomicon) tag-teamed on alternating sets of tunes.

Note To Self TILT

Brothers Gonna wrk It Out

I’ve been working with the wrk benchmarking tool to… well, do exactly as the label says: to produce specific workloads against cloud systems to affect performance improvements.  While there are a number of different options available to run such tests, a colleague’s familiarity with this product and his hearty recommendation were the reasons to go with wrk.

Note To Self TILT

Ubuntu-step Across Texas

I’d set up a Virtualbox VM as a portable “surfing machine” with which I can connect to my OpenVPN server. However, once I’d initiated a connection with the server, I wasn’t able to browse anywhere. A bit of Google-fu showed that apparently Ubuntu 16.04 loses DNS after connecting with OpenVPN, and by adding nameserver (or pick your favorite DNS server) to /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/head solves this issue.

Link for future reference:


Bainbridge Island, Washington

The view of Seattle from the island

We spent last weekend taking in the sights and sounds (and flavors) of Bainbridge Island, which is a lengthy stone’s throw west of Seattle. The weather on Friday was sunny and very much spring-like, but Saturday and Sunday had rain, wind, and chill (and was glorious).


Freeform Portland Site Refresh, Blog Launch, and Ongoing Works

An all-volunteer-run, low power FM community radio station in north Portland, Freeform Portland (90.3 FM in the immediate vicinity near The Radio Room where the transmitter resides – the studio is near PCC on Killingsworth) runs its website on WordPress.

As co-chair of the station's Web Committee, I've been leading the effort to refresh, enhance, and maintain the Freeform website, which now includes a community-contributed blog and integration with a React/Node playlist logging/show scheduling app (to which I've contributed some code).

As part of the ongoing effort to provide the Freeform community with a set of applications that balance resiliency, availability, and a sub-shoestring budget, I've been working to migrate and centralize servers and services on AWS, using EC2, S3/Glacier, Application Load Balancers, IAM, Route 53, certificate management, CloudWatch, Elastic Container Service, etc.