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Turtles Have Short Legs

Peter Baumann
Peter Baumann’s fantastic Romance ’76 from… you got it, 1976!

For our most recent radio show on Freeform Portland (KFFP-LP 90.3 FM in north Portland, Oregon), DJ Gilliflower and I (Eeronomicon) tag-teamed on alternating sets of tunes.

In order of appearance:

Pye Corner Audio “Into the Maze” [Sleep Games]
The Watersons “Windham” [Sound, Sound Your Instruments of Joy]
Jon Brooks “House Among the Laurels” [Music for Thomas Carnacki]
Eclection “In Her Mind” [Eclection]
Paddy Kingsland “A Special Kind of People” [The Changes (Original Television Soundtrack)]
Selda “Eco’ya Dönder Beni” [Vurulduk Ey Halkım Unutma Bizi]
Beak> “Spinning Top” [>>]
NEU! “Negativland” [NEU!]
Peter Baumann “Phase By Phase” [Romance 76]
Carol Batton “Intro (Bee-ing)” [Folk Is Not a Four Letter Word]
Fotheringay “The Banks of the Nile” [Fotheringay]
Four Tet “Glasshead” [Glasshead / Calamine]
Lilys “The Escape” [Zero Population Growth]
The Trypes “Music for Neighbors” [The Explorers Hold]
Peter Hammill “Happy” [Fool’s Mate]
Mark Raven & Joan Mills “The Captain’s Apprentice” [Death and the Lady]
The Abstract Truth “Original Man” [Silver Trees]
Popol Vuh “Singet, denn der gesang vertreibt die wölfe” [Coeur de verre (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)]
Fridge “Aphelion” [Eph]
Cavern of Anti-Matter “Solarized Sound” [Hormone Lemonade]
Sun Ra “Angels and Demons at Play” [Angels and Demons at Play]

Stay a while and listen!