My Afternoon Belongs to Twee

As Nancy was going to be out of town for that Saturday’s installment of Turtles Have Short Legs, we’d asked Thomas of A Certain Smile and Your Heart Belongs to Twee to spin some tunes on the radio. And indeed Thomas shows up with a box of 7″s, and much merriment was had. Darned near two hours of fuzzy, scratchy, poppy indie goodness from the last ~40 years .

The American Analog Set – Magnificent Seventies
Brighter – Inside Out
Blueboy – A Gentle Sigh
The Orchids – Underneath the Window, Underneath the Sink
Aberdeen – Byron
Strawberry Whiplash – Stop, Look And Listen
Camera Obscura – Suspended From Class
The School – And Suddenly
Belle & Sebastian – I’m Waking Up To Us
Voxtrot – Biggest Fan
A Certain Smile – Hold On, Call
The Pastels – Crawl Babies
Action Painting! – These Things Happen
Another Sunny Day – You Should All Be Murdered
St. Christopher – You Deserve More Than A Maybe
Orange Juice – Blue Boy
The Clouds – Get Out Of My Dream
Razorcuts – Sorry To Embarrass You
This Poison! – I’m Not Asking
Black Tambourine – Pack You Up
Comet Gain – Say Yes
Shop Assistants – Safety Net
The Field Mice – Fabulous Friend
The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart – Jeremy
Heavenly – P.U.N.K. Girl
Allo Darlin’ – My Heart is a Drummer
Boyracer – Naked – Demo Version
The Fireworks – Dream About You
Cavern of Anti-Matter – Phototones