Paulsen’s Pharmacy

To circuitously paraphrase Eddie Izzard, we Americans don’t have much history (as opposed to Europe, where all the history comes from, and there’s a castle at every street corner), so when a local pharmacy has been around long enough to require three digits to count its age, it’s definitely worth noticing. And that’s Paulsen’s Pharmacy – situated just down the road from where we live in the heart of the Hollywood neighborhood in Portland, Oregon.

InboundRx had commissioned the redesign of Paulsen’s website (along with a complete rebranding – you may note that the background photo of the pharmacy shows its pre-reboot sign), and for reasons best not discussed here, InboundRx got locked out of administrative access to the site and to the theme code that they wanted to use for other pharmacy clients.

Over a couple of days, I managed to finagle (the verb “hack” seems way too sophisticated to describe the “telekinesis through the cat flap” method used here) my way into the site to restore full administrative access to their site, make content changes to the site that required file-level access to the WordPress theme to affect, and grab all the necessary theme, content, and configuration files from the site to create a boilerplate for future InboundRx customers to use this design.

Built with: WordPress, CSS, PHP, and MySQL. Reclaimed with mild human cunning and relocated to a Cloud 9 IDE for future reuse.

Live site: