It’s a Hard “G,” More Like “Guy” Than “Jealous”

Here’s what I’d played on yesterday’s installment of the Turtles Have Short Legs program on Freeform Portland:

Klaus Schønning – Fragments of Wood
Cluster – Breitengrad 20
Moebius and Plank – Don’t Point the Bone
Ryuichi Sakamoto – Plastic Bamboo
Faust – Why Don’t You Eat Carrots?
Six Organs of Admittance – Taken By Ascent
Grumbling Fur – Suneaters
Unit Wail – Ombos
Elodie – Guidee Par La Rosee
Fille Qui Mousse – Trixie Stapleton 291 Part One
Vangelis – Himalaya
Jon & Vangelis – Horizon
Vangelis – Flamants Roses
Vangelis – 3 + 3
Vangelis – Sunny Earth

The second hour was a Vangelis (see post title for pronunciation guide…) “marathon,” which becomes an immediate tee-up for a “Chariots of Fire” joke for those whose minds navigate on tangents parallel to mine. A truckload of Mr. Papathanassiou’s recordings from 1973-1985 got recently reissued as a box set, and this bit of self-indulgence features a sampling from the baker’s dozen CD’s contained in the aforementioned box. The Jon Anderson collaboration was way better than I’d expected – sort of like what the ‘Blade Runner’ soundtrack might have sounded like with vocals from “That Yes Guy.”

Here’s a truncated version of the show’s contents: